Boondocking in Caribou National Forest, Idaho

What is boondocking? There are many words that define boondocking: dry camping, free camping, camping without hookups. It’s freedom!

From June of 2009 to May 2011 I practiced the freedom of boondocking. It was the time of my life. This is not to say it was all fun. Believe me, living in a converted minivan camper, in the winter, without heat, was not fun. But it was a challenge I’m thankful I experienced.

The first week of each month I’ll post an article about my experiences, info & links, challenges and I’ll address your questions.

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The Boondocking Life: Preparation

4 thoughts on “Boondocking

  1. We had a different take on boondocks when we were kids. There used to be this place not far from our house where we would ride our bikes and it was full of dirt hills to jump and trails to ride on. It became known as the “boondocks” to us. It was our getaway place to have fun and ride our bikes together.

    • Thanks, I’ve shared your site, I wish I had found it back when I was on the road. I’ve saved you site and will be adding it to my links section under boondocking. Good to meet another adventurer

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