Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hats

10.23 hats

Mexican Hat, Utah



Monochrome Monday: Desert Roads

11072010 170

One Word Photo Challenge: Smog

Intermontane areas create their own special type of smog.

10.1.15 smog

Death Valley National Park, California



Cee’s Fun Foto: Sence of Hearing

Silence speaks loudly for those who dare to listen

There are many things that amaze me about deserts but sound, or should I say lack of sound, amazed me the most. The deafening peace of deserts will suck all life’s anxieties right out. There is so little to hear that any sound you hear is amplified greatly. The caw of a vulture, whistling winds or howling coyotes sound as if they were right with you though far away.

9.18 sense of hearing

 Saguaro National Park, Arizona





One Word Photo Challenge: Drought

Drought: lack of rain. Some areas go so long with out rain even rivers dry up. But once it does rain look out, thus the pole with feet marked so you know if you can drive through. It gives a whole new meaning to flash flood.

 9.3.15 drought

Death Valley National Park, California



Monochrome Monday: Desert Dining

11072010 413

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

One Word Photo Challenge: Sandstorm

After a sandstorm or just a little blow, the roads at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico need plowed regularly

7.9.15 sand storm




One Word Photo Challenge: Dry

6.2.15 dry

Death Valley National Park, California 

Cee’s Fun Foto: Perspective

11072010 293

Coronado National Forest, Arizona



One Word Photo Challenge: Hot

5.19.15 hot

 Sonoran Desert, Arizona