Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges (1)

I love bridges, love photographing them, but this hasn’t always been true. I spent most of my adult life in fear of them. I would either avoid them or have an anxiety attack if I had to drive over one. During my 2-year road trip I had more than enough opportunities to overcome that fear. Eventually I found myself driving over them, then turning around and driving over it again, then again. It was exciting to have overcome that fear. Needless to say I had to not only cut many photos from this challenge but I’ve decided to create two entries. The First are the bridges we drive over, of concrete and steel. Tomorrow I’ll cover those made of stone and wood.

Bridges of Concrete and Steel

Dam at Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

jackson lake dam-001

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

golden gate bridge2-001

Jekyll Island Bridge, Georgia

jekyll island-001

Brooklyn Bridge, New York…New York??? Nope, It’s Las Vegas, Nevada


Tennessee River Bridge, Natchez Trace Parkway, Alabama

ntp-ten river-001

Pecos River Bridge, Texas

pecos river-001

Seven Mile Bridge, Somewhere In the Florida Keys

This was actually taken a few years before my long road trip, and yes I actually drove the entire 90 miles to Key West and yes I was full of anxiety. But I did it afraid and that’s what matters!


Penobscot Narrows Bridge, Maine

penobscot narrows bridge me-001

Mississippi River, Vicksburg Mississippi

vicksburg bridge-001

Yantic Falls Bridge, Connecticut

yantic falls. indian leap-001

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A Word A Week Challenge – Sleep

Sleeping in the sun, Pier 39, San Francisco CA

sea lions2

My girl Princess who sleeps all the time. This 7-pound cuttie traveled with me, living in my minivan/camper for much of my 2-year trip around the US/Canada


My little guy can sleep anywhere

Roadtrips are great for napping. While my family knows our vacation photos are fair game on my blog I may be asked to take this on off. Let’s see if she really reads my posts.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Entertainment Culture

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Travel Theme: Light

First Light


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Spotlight on Florida: Blind Pass Beach

You have seen photos of this beach in various posts and no doubt you’ll see more in the future. This is one of my favorite spot, favorite beaches in Florida. It’s quiet, remote and beautiful. I have even swam with dolphins and manatees. At times the water is calm and other times like my last trip the waves are rough, excellent for body surfing. There is plenty of parking, a playground and picnic area, fishing and boating on Lemon Bay, restrooms and outdoor showers. Blind Pass Beach is perfect for families, outdoor sports, wildlife viewing and long strolls on the beach.

Sunset, Blind Pass Beach, FL 3

Gulf Coast 4.13.13 191

Gulf Coast 4.13.13 186

Gulf Coast 4.13.13 163

englewood fl 2.2013 231



Blind Pass Beach and Park is located on Manasota Key, Florida.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walks Indoors or Outdoors

Serpent’s Trail – Colorado National Monument, Colorado

P1190903 (2)

Muscatatuck County Park – North Vernon, Indiana

P1150217 (2)

Malakai’s first hike – Jelks Preserve – Venice, Florida

Gulf Coast 4.13.13 012

Mica View Trail – Saguaro National Park, Arizona

11072010 222

Blind Pass Beach – Englewood, Florida


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up


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Travel Theme: Contrast



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Spotlight on Florida: Jelks Preserve

Jelks Preserve is teeming with ecological wealth. While hiking the more than eight miles of nature trails you will experience several habitats including oak hammocks, pine flatwoods, wildflowers, wetlands and marshes. The preserve is home to gopher tortoises, swallowtail butterflies and various song birds.

Gulf Coast 4.13.13 002

Gulf Coast 4.13.13 007

Gulf Coast 4.13.13 023

Gulf Coast 4.13.13 066

Gulf Coast 4.13.13 076
Jelks Preserve is located in Venice Florida off of River Rd. The preserve is open year round and free to visit.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Which Ways – Featuring Steps or Stairs

Brown County State Park, Indiana


Clifty Falls State Park, Indiana

P1030951 (2)

Mounds State Park, Indiana


McCormicks Creek State Park, Indiana


Hemlock Cliffs, Hoosier Natiional Forest, Indiana


Mounds State Park, Indiana


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