Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: upward

P1190029 (2)

Devil’s Tower National Monument, Wyoming



12 thoughts on “Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: upward

    • Devil’s tower is a natural geologic feature. There are many theories about how it was created but the one I hold to is that its a volcanic remnant, The stone was created by magma. After millions of years of erosion this monument is what remains.

      Probably more info than you wanted but my inner geography teacher doesn’t miss a chance to talk about my favorite subjects.

      Have a great weekend

    • Ok, I have one more point about Devils Tower then I’m done. After looking at this photo I realized that the size may be deceptive. It’s over 5000 feet tall. And as a point of contention with Native Americans who hold the place as sacred, Devils Tower is also popular with rock climbers.

  1. So glad I saw this as I am following this blog of yours but you didn’t leave me a message to let me know you took part *makes a comical sad face* but I am glad I saw it. Great shot and thanks for taking part Ana! Much appreciated. 馃榾 *hugs*

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