Spotlight on Florida: Panama City Beach

My daughter and I decided to treat ourselves on our Christmas Trek to Orlando to visit the other daughter. We had wanted for years to stay in a hotel over looking the beach but when we got to our room we found the door faced the road which meant the room behind us would be overlooking the ocean. Then we opened the door…


…this is what we saw. Oh, what a lovely view. It may have been December but we kept the door and window open all night and the sound of crashing waves was our lullaby.

We enjoyed a lovely walk along the beach at sunset. The next day we swam in the pool, very unique pools with waterfalls (photos are lost).


5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Florida: Panama City Beach

    • Thank you. We did love the area and keep saying … someday… I had photos of the pool which was amazing, several waterfalls running into it (yes, I break for waterfalls:) ). Unfortunately I’ve lost all the photos taken the second day, so I will have to go back.

      Thanks for visiting, Ana

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