Gone, But Not Forgotten

Ancient Pueblo Cultures, often called Anasazi, are the ancestors of the Pueblo Native Americans of the Four Corners region of the United States. Within this area many distinct cultures existed from around 7000 bce until nearly 1600 ce. While their cultures are gone, they aren’t forgotten. The remains of their cultures can be found in the community ruins, cliff dwellings, ceremonial features and petroglyphs in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. Nearly all known archaeological features are preserved and maintained by the National Park Service, state historical societies and state parks, Native American groups or private organizations.

The cliff dwellings below are of a culture that lived in the area from 1100 to 1550 ce. Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico is at the far eastern part of the Ancient Pueblo people.

Bandiler National Monument NM 3

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