One Word Photo Challenge: Automatic

Automatic Lighthouse

Boca Grande Light, Florida

12.29 automatic



Monochrome Monday: Lights over the Atlantic

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Acadia National Park ME

Bass Harbor Head Light, Acadia National Park, Maine

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #22

 Now who would shoot a perfectly good lighthouse?


Falls Park, Pendleton, Indiana 


cees odd ball

Cee’s Fun Foto: Pairs

A Pair of Lighthouses

5.22 pairs

Three Sisters Lighthouses, Cape Cod National Seashore

(Yes, I am missing one)



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #10

Not sure what this is but it looks like a lighthouse on a small pond. I found it rather odd.


Indiana Countryside


cees odd ball


Photography 101: A Pop of Color

Grand Haven Light, Lake Michigan

Grand Haven Light, Lake Michigan




Photography 101: Home

I have lived all over the United States and have called most states home at one time or another and I have lived in five of them for several years at a time:

  • I was born in Augusta, GA and lived there several times.
  • Grew up on Cape Cod, Mass and if I had to call one place home this would be it as so many of my family memories are so closely tied with this place.
  • I lived and had my daughters in Dallas, TX.
  • I spent most of my adult life in Indiana always wishing to be elsewhere, Florida in particular. I never adjusted to being land locked.
  • Now I reside in the state I’ve called home in my heart before I even moved here – yes it’s Florida. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

As for the other 43 states I’ve lived in (excluding HI & AK) I lived in each for a weekend, a week or even a month or more. For two years I lived in a minivan/camper which I called home. So whatever state that campervan was in I was at home. You will find more on this adventure at my Jubilee Journey blog under the “My Jubilee Journey Journal” category.

But the one thing that stands out when I think about what home is are the three people in this photo below because without them there is no home. Home truly is where the heart is.

busch gardens 11.1.11-2 019


Monochrome Monday: A Little Light


Falls Park, Pendleton, Indiana

Spotlight on Florida: Gasparilla Island Light

Gulf Coast 4.13.13 210

Gasparilla Island State Park

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

My first thought when I saw the weekly challenge as grand was the grandest of all…the Grand Canyon.

GC_granie gorge 4

Here are a few more “grands” for your viewing pleasure


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