Travel Theme: Tempting


I love the water. I love swimming, body surfing, kayaking and just floating. When I see water I just want to jump in. The bluer the water the more tempting.

This is Yellowstone lake. I look at it and thirst just thinking of that lovely blue water enveloping me. But wait…enter at your own risk. A few minutes in this lovely lady could easily lead to hypothermia. The average temperature is in the low 40s.

YS_ys lake 7 (2)

Blue Pool in the Norris Basin drew me right to it. That clear blue, still water called my name. It said “Ana, jump right in. I’m warm and refreshing.” But wait…enter at your own risk. Thermal pools often reach 200 degrees. Jump in and you’ll boil in minutes.

YS_Norris_back basin_blue pool1

Photos taken at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective


Ancient Anasazi Ruins. There are numerous adobe dwellings like this through out the southwest.

11072010 326 (2)

The cliff dwellings above are just to the right of the blue arrow. How in the world did they get in there?

11072010 319 (2)

Photos taken at Junction Overlook, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona.

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